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My concubine is very charming (28th Nov 22 at 12:35am UTC)
When Qi Yu came back, the boy behind him was holding two boxes of oranges, all fresh, round and exquisite, full of them in the box. Qi Yu went to the house to look around, but Ann was not in the house. Qi Yu frowned slightly and called the maid to ask. The maid bowed and answered that the Crown Princess had gone to the backyard. Qi Yu had to take two boys to the backyard. It snowed last night and dyed the earth pure white. It was the first snow this year, so everyone was happy. Ann is stepping on the snow in the yard. She is wearing a yellow jacket today. The palace is towering, with red walls and white snow. She adds a touch of brightness to it and looks full of vitality. The weather is getting colder and colder, the rabbit nest has already been moved to the house, the rabbit has also been moved to the house, today after the snow, sunny, the rabbit was released, followed by Ann's footprints jumping, looking lively and lovely. Qi Yu looked at her and the rabbit to play happily, not by the mood happy smile. The palace people saw their prince melt the frost and snow in front of the crown princess. "" Qi Yu called out, and his voice was clear and melodious. An Kui looked up, along the voice to see the past, Qiyu stood in the snow, behind him is a vast expanse of white snow, his slender figure, cold temperament and the long snowflakes match very well, looks like into the snow, jade crown clothes, eyebrows Pure Brightness handsome, fundus floating tender. An Kui looked stunned for a moment, back to God, the fundus lit up a little bit of light, could not help but raise the corner of his lips, to see Qi Yu behind the boy holding a yellow orange orange in his arms, the smile on her face can not help but expand, give Qi Yu a more bright and sunny smile. Looking at her smile, Qi Yu's heart moved and he couldn't help striding toward her. When he saw him coming, he turned his black and white eyes, crouched down and quickly held a snowball in the palm of his hand, and while Qi Yu was not paying attention, he raised his hand and threw it at him. Qi Yu's footsteps, caught off guard by the snowball in Ann's hand, the snowball hit him, crystal snowflakes scattered on his body, sliding down the brocade robe. Ann couldn't help laughing. Her eyebrows and eyes were filled with joy and laughter. She said in a loud voice, "Big liar, you didn't give me oranges yesterday. Don't think I'll forgive you if you buy them today." Qi Yu lowered his head, stared at the snow marks on his clothes, then slowly raised the corners of his mouth, and was infected with a smile on his face. He quickly bent down and made a snowball, and quickly got up and threw it on his body. An Kui was hit by a snowball, so he ran and hid. His yellow skirt was flying, inflatable amusement park , and his footsteps were light, leaving footprints in the snow. When she ran away, she did not forget to catch the snow to fight back. Qi Yu lifted his feet to chase after her. They giggled and chased each other around the tree. The rabbit seemed to think it was funny. He shuttled around them and jumped up and down. Two people you come and go, tired panting, cheeks with pink, hurriedly to Qi Yu Jiao voice begging for mercy. Qi Yu stopped and looked at her with a smile. Snowflakes blowing in the air, Ann's eyelashes stained with a snowflake, she gently blinked, snowflakes on the melt, wet her eyelashes, a pair of wet eyes, more pure than snowflakes. Qi Yu could not help but stop, throw away the snowball in his hand, reach out and suddenly pull Ann into his arms, like a dragonfly touching the water, kissed her wet eyelashes, the trees beside him trembled gently in the wind, snowflakes still slowly falling around them. With her eyes closed and her eyelashes trembling gently, Qi Yu removed his slightly cool lips, reached out and touched her cheek, and whispered, "Is it cold?" Ann slowly opened her eyes and put her hand into his arms, with a little coquetry in her tone, "a little." Qi Yu took advantage of the situation to hold her hand and wrapped her hand in her hand to warm it. Ann just did not feel cold, now the hands were covered by Qi Yu warm, she found that the feet are cold, cold, she could not help standing on the snow stamped her feet, only to feel the cold snow on the ground through embroidered shoes, spread to the whole body, her toes are frozen as if frozen. When Qi Yu heard that her feet were cold, he let go of her hand, turned around and squatted down and said, "Come up.".
” Ann was stunned, and then couldn't help laughing. She turned her head and ordered Dongtao to send the rabbit back to the nest. Then she jumped lightly on Qi Yu's back and hugged him. Her feet broke away from the cold ground and immediately felt much warmer. Qi Yu carried her on his back, held her firmly, then got up and walked into the house, with steady steps and careful steps. Ann lay soft on his back, her hands around his neck, and her breath was sweet and soft on his neck. Feeling the temperature from Qi Yu's back, Ann felt soft in her heart and could not help thinking that the last snowball fight between her and Qi Yu was when they were young, and now they have grown up unconsciously. How did she marry Qi Yu and become Qi Yu's wife? …… I'm glad I married him. At this moment, she thanked Wei Guifei for giving Qi Yu a daughter to marry and settle down, so that she could have a chance to marry Qi Yu. Ann could not help tightening her arms, her cheeks pressed tightly against him, and she called in a low voice, "Brother Qi..." "Mmm." Qi Yu also responded in a low voice. Husband.. An Kui called again, she hugged Qi Yu's neck and rubbed against it, her voice was soft. Qi Yu bent his lips and raised his hand to pinch her buttocks. With a small exclamation, he hurriedly covered his mouth and opened his apricot eyes to look at Qi Yu. Don't seduce me. Qi Yu turned his head slightly sideways and hooked his lips slightly. …… I don't have.. In an indignant whisper, he glanced back at the palace people who had hurriedly lowered their heads,inflatable floating water park, and shyly buried his red cheeks on Qi Yu's back, refusing to look up at anything. Qi Yu endured the smile on his lips and continued to stride forward. He was worried that Ann would catch cold. He walked all the way back to the house quickly. Qi Yu put her on the couch and sat down. He squatted down in front of her and helped her take off her embroidered shoes. Then he took the quilt and covered her feet in the quilt. He found a clean cotton skirt and changed it for her personally. The snow just stuck to her clothes, and her coat was already wet. joyshineinflatables.com
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