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Go on a blind date, Dad. (24th Nov 22 at 12:45am UTC)
"No, the dog's nose is not as sensitive as yours." Yan Mei was so angry that she looked at Liu Miaoqiu with an aggrieved face: "Aunt, Chu Yan ran humiliated me!" Liu Miaoqiu covered her forehead with one hand and said, "I said, can you two sisters stop?"? Is this the time for infighting? "Oh, yes." Chu Yan ran then looked at Yang Xiaoguang: "What else do you have to say?" "This thing" Yang Xiaoguang is also a face of entanglement ah. He can't say that the reason why there is the smell of female hormones in the bathroom is that Hu Die is watching movies inside! Xia He did not speak, but it was obvious that she looked very disappointed. Yang Xiaoguang has a headache. He remembered what Xia He had said, and she said that she didn't mind accepting Chu Yan ran herself, but she did mind that Yang Xiaoguang had an ambiguous relationship with a woman other than her and Chu Yan ran. Chu Yan ran, how did they know they were here with Hu Die? Just then, Hu Die suddenly said, "I tricked Yang Xiaoguang into coming here. I wanted to lure Yang Xiaoguang in the bathroom, but he refused." She paused, looked at Yan Mei, and said, "You said your nose was very smart. You smelled female hormones in the bathroom, but did you smell male hormones?" "Well, this, this really doesn't smell, and there's no male odor in the room." Yan Mei said. Do you understand? Hu Die said lightly, "You can blame me at will,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, but don't blame Yang Xiaoguang. He is also innocent." Yang Xiaoguang looked at Hu Die with some surprise. He did not expect that Hu Die would take all the responsibility on himself. Just when he wanted to explain for Hu Die, Hu Die glanced at him and shook his head gently. Chu Yan ran and Xia He obviously did not expect this to be the case. In their impression, Hu Die is a rather traditional woman, not like the kind of woman who seduces a married man. I'm sorry Hu Die bowed deeply again and then left. The rest of the people looked at each other in the room. Then Liu Miaoqiu suddenly said, "Meimei, it's all your fault. I almost misunderstood Yang Xiaoguang." "Eh?" Yan Mei looked confused. It was obviously your aunt who encouraged Chu Yanran to catch the rape. However, she can't pass the buck to her aunt. She can only take the blame with tears in her eyes. I was wrong. Yan Mei then left with a depressed face. Meimei, wait for me. Liu Miaoqiu also went out to comfort her little niece. There were only three people left in the room,Flush valve price, Yang Xiaoguang, Chu Yan ran, and Xia He. Chu Yan ran and Xia he are also a little embarrassed. Boyfriend is deceived here, and in the face of the temptation of a beautiful young woman, he sticks to the bottom line and moral integrity, this boyfriend is absolutely a good boyfriend in China. Honey, I'm sorry. Chu Yan ran holding Yang Xiaoguang's left arm, embarrassed way. Xia He was holding Yang Xiaoguang's right arm and was embarrassed to say, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have doubted you." Yang Xiaoguang was holding the waists of his two girlfriends: "I'm sorry, if it's useful, why do you want the police?"? You two have to make it up to me today. Chu Yan ran hurriedly said, "Yang Xiaoguang, I'm just your fake girlfriend. Now there are no outsiders. We don't have to act any more.". I have something to do. I'll go first. Let Xia He accompany you. Say that finish, Manual Flush Valve ,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, Chu Yan ran hurriedly want to slip away. But as soon as he took a step, he was directly dragged back by Yang Xiaoguang. Yang Xiaoguang smiled and said, "Dear, you have brought people to block the door and catch rape. Since you are so dedicated, you should be dedicated to the end." "Hehehehe." Chu Yan ran smiled with an embarrassed face. I'm going to lock the door. You two go to bed first. Yang Xiaoguang said again. When Yang Xiaoguang locked the door, Chu Yan ran hid in the bathroom and refused to come out. Yang Xiaoguang, I made it clear to you in front of Xia He today that I will never play Shuangfei with you! If Xia He agrees, you can find another woman! "No, Chu Yan ran, what are you uncomfortable about? Xia He, a big girl with yellow flowers, doesn't mind." "If I hadn't met you, I would have been a big girl with yellow flowers!" Chu Yan ran casually. Hey, Chu Yan ran, this is the planting of Chiguoguo. When I met you, your daughter was already four years old. This is slander.
” Chu Yan ran slightly pulled the corners of her mouth, and then said: "In a word, I will not go to bed with you, you can not, die this heart!" Xia He smiled and said, "Xiao Guang, don't force her." "Okay." Yang Xiaoguang looks at Xia He, the language front turns, Hei Hei a smile: "Then we do not care about her, we do our business." Chapter 341 can't be said to be immoral.. "Hey, Yang Xiaoguang, are you shameless?"? I'm still in the house, and that's what you do! It's still broad daylight. Chu Yan ran in the bathroom protested. It's none of your business. "I can't see it, but I can hear it. It's noise pollution!" Chu Yan ran can't bear it. What is this? "Then you can open the door and leave." Yang Xiaoguang said again. Hum! I'm not falling for it. Unless you go first. With that, Chu Yan ran was reluctant to say, "This evening is different from the past.". In the beginning, you played hooligan to harass me, and I threw you over the shoulder with my backhand. But now, there is a big gap between us, and I know I'm no match for you. If I open the door and go out, I will be captured without a fight! "Then you can wait for the noise pollution." Yang Xiaoguang winked at Xia He and said deliberately. Hello! Yang Xiaoguang, if you dare to do it here, I will call the police. Chu Yan ran threatened. Call the police ? Come on, I didn't do anything to you. I'm curious. What do you want to call the police? Hello, 110? I am under the control of an illegal pyramid selling organization. Now I am hiding in the bathroom of Room 308 on the 3rd floor of Xianghe Hotel. Please come to save me quickly. Ah, you have a patrol officer nearby. That's great. Yang Xiaoguang: "Tut, Chu Yan ran, the acting is good, please continue to perform." Chu Yan ran silent. After a while, Yang Xiaoguang chuckled and said, "Chu Yan ran, are you at your wits' end?"? I choose you to go down without a fight. The voice just fell,stainless steel shower tray, bang, bang, bang. cnkexin.com
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