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The heartthrob is fishing again. (16th Nov 22 at 2:17am UTC)
The heartthrob is fishing again.
"Xiao He!" The woman who had been sitting gently next to her opened her mouth to reprimand, but her reprimand did not make Youhua feel a trace of sincerity. This woman was Chuntao's stepmother. She looked at Youhua apologetically and said, "Chuntao, don't be like your sister.". She's just worried about you. After all, recording the show may not be as easy as you think. There was no reply. The stepmother paused and then said, "What the show needs is hype and topics. You are still young. I don't know how deep the water in the entertainment circle is. Since I know you are on the show, your father and I are particularly worried that you will be hurt." "What kind of injury?" He asked calmly. Why don't you understand, child? If the audience knew about your past experience, they would certainly make a lot of arrangements to attack you. How beautiful you are now, how badly you will be trampled. We are concerned about you. The stepmother said sadly. Whether I was abducted or my mother died early, I was a victim, wasn't I? Youhua smiled. "How can you be attacked?" Zhang Xiaohe could not sit still, "Zhang Chuntao, I tell you not to go too far!" "Where have I gone too far?" Asked the gossip. "Don't be shameless. Don't think you can speak ill of us just because you're on the show. I tell you, my uncle is one of the investors." Zhang Xiaohe pointed to the camera in the corner with a proud face. "You have an abnormal face today. You must be full of bad water. You want to ruin our family's reputation. But you give up. The camera was turned off before you came in." "Xiao He!" The stepmother scolded again, and then said softly to Chuntao's father, "Husband, Xiaohe is a child who likes to rely on his father's fierce power and prestige. You have to teach her a good lesson." Zhang Xiaohe developed such a spoiled temper or she is used to,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, now is to blame the dark maintenance, speak out in advance, but also to avoid her husband's heart dissatisfaction. Sure enough, Chuntao father is very useful, the youngest daughter can be like this, not because he has the ability, he gently scolded: "How to talk to your sister?" "I'm telling the truth. She's the worst." Zhang Xiaohe said coquettishly,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, and then sat aside angrily. Youhua smiled softly and said, "If it is for this matter, please go back. I, Lin Chuntao, have nothing to do with you. How can we talk about slander?" The original owner is also pitiful, after being found by the police, the Zhang family had to support her for the sake of face, but her registered permanent residence was not transferred, all kinds of procedures were not done, and I don't know whether she was too lazy to do it, disdained to do it or afraid that she would share a cup of Zhang family. How do you talk? Chuntao's father is not angry. That's all. The stepmother hurriedly advised her father, "For so many years, there has been a gap between Chuntao and us. Don't embarrass her. Just know that she is good now." But when Chuntao's father heard this, Amber Dropper Bottles ,Glass Cosmestic Containers, he was even more angry and felt that he had raised a white-eyed wolf. Compared with the lovely and intimate little daughter Zhang Xiaohe, this Zhang Chuntao is simply a disgrace to him. Youhua looked at his stepmother and explained calmly, "When my mother was pregnant with me, you were pregnant with your sister. You were the third party in their marriage.". After I was rescued, I returned to the Zhang family. You were never sincere to me. You were the alienator between me and my family. What do you do, and how do you ask me to have no estrangement between you? "Don't you say that about my mother!" Zhang Xiaohe pounded the table. The stepmother's face was hurt and tears welled up in her eyes. "Chuntao, I don't know what I did wrong. How could you misunderstand me so much?" Then she looked helplessly at Chuntao's father. Apologize to your mother! Chuntao's father said angrily. Youhua got up and gave them a fist salute again. "Excuse me." Then turn around and leave. You come back here! Chuntao's father shouted loudly. Zhang Xiaohe also came to pull the gossip, and was dodged by the gossip without showing any trace. She walked out of the house, and after a few steps, she saw Qiao Xizhe arriving in a hurry. Chuntao, are you all right? Chuntao! Qiao Xizhe asked worriedly. Chuntao's life experience was told to him by Qiao Bai last night. Qiao Xizhe could not believe that the girl had suffered so much misfortune, and even more could not believe that today the girl's father and stepmother came to the door. They must have been up to no good to Chuntao.
"Zhang Chuntao, stop!" Zhang Xiaohe ran out angrily, and then saw his idol Qiao Xizhe. Zhang Xiaohe wants to follow this time, not only to warn Zhang Chuntao, but more importantly, she wants to take the opportunity to meet her idol. She didn't expect to meet her idol in such a way. She didn't expect that the idol would protect the person she hated behind her and watch her warily. What do you want to do? Qiao Xizhe said sternly. Zhang Xiaohe was immediately short of breath. "I, I, I just told her not to go." At this time, Chuntao's father and stepmother also came out. The stepmother's EQ was very high. She immediately pulled the child to apologize and said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Qiao. The two children are not sensible. They collided with you." Qiao Xizhe is not just a star, he has the whole Qiao family behind him, so even the face-saving Chuntao father, at the moment also eased his face, "Hello, Childe Qiao, I have dealt with your father, this is my business card." Qiao Xizhe did not take it at all. He said coldly, "I'm sorry. Trainee produce is not open to the outside world. Please leave." Then he looked at the assistant who came behind him and scolded, "How do you do things?" The assistants explained weakly: "This, this is the person brought by the investor." "Oh?"? Which investor? Qiao Xizhe asked. The assistant gave me a name. Qiao Xizhe said quietly, "OK, I know." Then he looked at the three of them. "Please leave." Stepmother seems to be some unwilling, Chuntao father weighed the situation, and finally chose to leave, but before leaving, a warning look at the words. Chuntao, are you all right? Qiao Xizhe said worriedly. I'm fine. Replied the gossiper. Qiao Xizhe listens to travel words to say to be all right, think she is forcing a face to smile, how can be all right? Being abducted and sold,Serum Bottle With Dropper, excluded and subjected to campus violence, what on earth has she experienced to stand here with an indifferent face? Chuntao, you can rest assured that I will take good care of you in the future. Qiao Xizhe said earnestly. penghuangbottle.com
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